Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zindy Nielsen “A Splash of Red”


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Anna said...

Oh how beautiful Chickie! I love the little bits of awesome!
Thank you for another great wallpaper!

Corrinne said...

Oh Chickie this is totally awesome and I love it!
thank you very much!
Hugs Corrinne

Chickie said...

thank you Anna and Corrinne ;) I hope you enjoy looking at them on your pc's!! muah!


After much nagging and needling from friends to set up a blog where my wallpapers could be showcased, I finally got around to getting one set up! Please be patient with me while I'm still working the bugs out. I will be getting my wallpapers uploaded as they are created and then getting older versions uploaded as well! I hope that you will enjoy them!

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